Pär Fredborn Larsson

Research interests

Swedish and Persian Languages, Oriental Studies, Social Anthropology, Journalism.




2017.12: PhD in Social Anthropology, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
2017.08.22-24 PhD workshop in South Asian Studies at Procida, Italy
2014.07: Diploma in journalism at Skurups folkhögskola. That same year I registered as a PhD student in Barcelona.
2012.09: Two-year diploma in Creative writing, Lund university
2012.12: Master of Science, Social Anthropology, Lund University, Sweden.
2012.12 Bachelor of Arts, Uppsala University, Sweden.
2009.09: Registered as a PhD student at the History Department of the University of Delhi, India, through a scholarship lasting one year from Erasmus Mundus External Window Cooperation.
2009.05 Master of Arts, Persian language, Literature and culture Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India.
2006.12-2007.02: Persian studies and English teaching, University of Sistan and Baluchistan, Zahedan, Iran.
2006.06: Bachelor of Arts, Development Studies and Persian, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK. I took a gap year the academic year 04 – 05 in order to be an exchange student at INALCO in Paris the autumn of 2004, and to study Persian in Shiraz, the spring of 2005.
2005.01 – 2005.05: Studies in Persian language and literature, University of Shiraz, Iran.
2003.06 – 2003.08: Studies in Persian language, Dekhoda institute, University of Tehran, Iran.
1999.06: Finished the “Gymnasium” (analogous to Upper Secondary School) in Lund, Sweden.


2019.10.01 onwards: Lector in Swedish language, Ivan Franko University, Lviv, Ukraine
2018.09.30 – 2019.05.10 : Swedish teacher for immigrants in Malmö, part time.
2014.07.17 – 2018: Freelancing journalist based in Delhi. While working as a journalist, I conducted at the same time fieldwork for my PhD in anthropology. As a journalist my articles covered diverse topics such as literature festivals, the privatisation of railways, the beef ban, HIV in India, etc.
2007.03-2007.05: Internship for the International Organisation for Migration in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The work was related to labour migrants, and I organized a photo exhibition about them in Dushanbe.
2005.05-2005.08: Internship at UNHCR in Tehran, Iran. My work concerned Afghans living in Tehran who here applying through UNHCR to move to a third country, such as Canada or Australia.
2004.06-2004.08: Assistant at a hospital in Malmö, Sweden.
2003-2004: Working in a cinema twice a week in London, UK.
2003.06: Internship for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, Stockholm, Sweden.
2002.07: Archaeological excavation in Guarda, Portugal.
2000.01-2000.04: worked four months in a laboratory at the Lund University, Sweden.


Since 2006 – stipends and scholarships from British Institute for Persian Studies, Houtan Foundation, Sparbanken Finns Jubileringsfond, Ax:son Johnson Foundation, University of Lund, Smålands Nation, Crafoord Foundation, Längmanska kulturfonden, Erasmus Mundus External Window, SIDA, MFS, Författarfonden (Swedish Writers Association), Svenska Journalistförbundet.


Swedish (mother tongue), English (excellent), Persian (very good), French (good), Spanish (quite good), Italian (some, especially passive understanding), Hindi (some), Urdu (some).


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