Ukraine in the Baltic-Black Sea Regionalism

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СеместрК-сть годинЛекторГрупа(и)
10доцент Федунь О. В.


СеместрК-сть годинГрупаВикладач(і)
10доцент Краєвська О. А.

Опис курсу

Brief description if the course:  This course was developed by the Professors of Odessa Mechnikov National University within the colleagues from Ivan Franko Lviv National University in the frame of ERASMUS+ Project “Rethinking Regional Studies: The Baltic-Black Sea Connection”.  This course is an introduction to the role of Ukraine in the Baltic-Black Sea region, which is the area of the collision of the geostrategic interests of politically influential states and Eurasian geopolitical axes. The high transit level of its territory contributes to the development of geospatial ties and common interests with neighboring countries in the context of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. In today’s conditions of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the growth of information and military threats to international security in Europe is important for deepening the cooperation and integration of the Baltic Sea and Black Sea basin states. We believe that Ukraine’s active participation in the Baltic-Black Sea partnership will contribute not only to solving current problems in the country, but also to promote its national interests in the internation. arena.

The objectives of the course are:

– to provide an advanced understanding of the complex nature of the BBSR;

– to identify the strategic interests of Ukraine in the BBSR;

– to deepen and systematize knowledge about the priorities, mechanisms and forms of regional cooperation between the Baltic Sea States and the Black Sea countries with the participation of Ukraine;

– to analyze the impact of the external and internal factors on Ukraine’s regional policy as well as the regional cooperation in the BBSR

We do expect that after completing the course, students should be able:

– Explain basic ideas and concepts of the Baltic-Black Sea Region development;

– identify main problems of the process of Ukraine integration to BBSR, evaluate problem-solving strategies, develop science-based solutions and propose practical recommendation for solving existing problems of the process of Ukrainian integration to BBSR;

– differentiate connections among the priorities, mechanisms and forms of regional cooperation between Ukraine and the States of BBSR;

– Examine the influence of the external and internal factors on the Baltic-Black Sea Region States and cooperation;

– evaluate, integrate, and apply appropriate information, facts, and data from various sources to create cohesive arguments towards the question of Ukraine integration to common BBSR space;

– enhance students’ written and oral communication skills thought in-class discussion, oral presentation, and written essay as well.

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