European neighbourhood policy

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Кафедра: європейського права

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9доцент Головко-Гавришева О. І.МВП-51

Опис курсу

The aim of the course is to form knowledge about the European Union Neighbourhood Policy, its origins, instruments, legal framework and peculiarities as to the realisation as well as to develop the practical skills regarding the application of the European Neighbourhood Policy instruments within the domestic systems of the countries involved.

It is expected that after the course the students will be able

  • To identify key concepts in the EU Neighbourhood Policy, as well its legal framework;
  • To determine the content of Eastern Partnership, Mediterranean Partnership and the Black Sea Synergy concepts, and to analyze their achievements and disadvantages;
  • To identify the key issues in the bilateral relations between the EU and its neighbouring countries, as well the impact of the EU member states’ policies on the content of the bilateral relations on the case-to-case basis;
  • To develop the research skills on the basis of the analysis of the efficiency criteria for the EU Neighbourhood Policy;
  • To develop the critical thinking;
  • To develop the ability to analyze the core concepts and reflect on their importance;
  • To improve writing skills with regard to the composition of essays;
  • To develop the presentation skills.

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